Dave reminded members of keeping themselves hydrated when riding in the extreme heats of the summer.

Paul advised of the dangers in installing inexpensive throttle controllers.

Greg reminded the members of the importance of sun glare awareness (you don’t see them and they don’t see you in certain situations) particularly when riding during sunrise and sunset hours.

Butch reminded the members to advise the Road Captain of any personal or mechanical issues you may have prior to participating in a run.

Carl noted on his cross country trip with Pete, they had issues with the wind.  Be careful of the winds, they come up unexpectedly and can wreak havoc with the control of your bike.  Be careful.

Greg advised to always consider your position with other vehicles…be sure you can be seen in the rear view mirror of the vehicle in front of you.

Harry reminded the members to not become complacent riding when they near their destination. He added that it’s easy to begin thinking about what you’re going to do when you get there (especially when heading home) and it can be a dangerous distraction.

Butch cautioned the members to do safety checks of their motorcycles regularly. He relayed his recent incident when he found a dangerous crack in his frame at the back wheel while he was servicing his bike.

Brett reminded all of the numerous road construction/repair sites which calls for an additional level of caution while riding.

Safety Tips